Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas at the Greens

Thanksgiving weekend at the Green house brought everyone home this year. We are so greatful for that. There is NOTHING I love more than to have all my kids here. This summer we all got away camping to Shaver lake for the week. Great fun for all!

In memory of our beloved Walter. This month after years of enjoying our, most unique, inguana, we had to let him go due to paralysis. It was very hard for us, Walter has been in our family for years. He has gone on all our family vacation, gone to college with Heidi and Ashlee and holds a very special place in our heart. Goodbye Walter!
Whats Ashlee doing? She has gone back to school to get a degree in History and possibly in English. She is the RS President in her singles ward for the second time around. Ash works at a law office about 30 hours a week. (30 years)

Whitney and Mazur enjoying a little family time. This is the only time Mazur was smiling during our family photo. Whit is working at a diesel shop and is looking for a new job. (28 years, 4 years)

Uncle Marc and Afton. Marc sporting his newly grown beard. Congratulations on that first time accomplishment Marc. What is he doing? He works as an instalation tech for Comcast cable and really enjoys it. (26 years)

Logan, Heidi and Afton (7 weeks old)

Uncle Michael and Mazur at Walking with the Dinasour, they are both doing their best T-rex inpersonations. The winner is.... Mazur wanted to go home he was so scared in the beginning. After Ashlee explained that it was all mechanical he decided to stay. What is Mike doing? He is going to Fresno State and teaches Mission Prep in his singles Ward. He is a supervisor at UPS and works from 4 - 10 every morning, then, off to school.
John will kill me for this picture. He didn't want a Court of Honor, he just wanted us to pick his Eagle Scout award up from the scout office and give it to him. Whats he doing... John is leaving for BYU Provo in two weeks and we are all excited for him, he is turning in his mission papers in March and hopes to leave in the summer so he will be back for the beginning of the semester. We will cross our fingers on that one! He works for Target and just got a transfer to the Orem store.

Bring in the Christmas tree! Mazur was so excited, while at the tree lot he wanted us to buy one for each room.

Afton is just starting to smile. She is so sweet and fun. She has colic and it is so hard for Logan and Heidi to see her hurt.

Not only did Logan and Heidi get a new baby this year they both got diplomas YEAH!!!!! Now on to Grad school.


Lou said...

It was great to see your family and read your comments about each one. Thanks for your blogspot in your Christmas card.

Happy New Year! You noticed I didn't get cards out this Christmas. Just decided not to stress about anything and enjoy this year.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our four daughters and families and extended family members (22 in all)
so it was very nice for us.

It is nice that we have the smallest house, so we go to their homes for the get-togethers where there is plenty of space.

Thanks for keeping in touch. And thanks for letting us see your beautiful family all together !!

Ione & Lou

Zion Tilley said...

I love your family! I miss you guys, too. Are you guys going to LC this year. We are all coming home for a visit so I will need help with the kids. So you need to make sure you guys go! :) See you in a few months. PS You need to add a pic of you and Harold!


Hi Gwen!! I have been wanting to see you guys for sooo long! But it never seems to work out when I do make it to Fresno. thanks for the update on everyone! My little Ryan had colic too.... but I have loved being a mommy since he was four months old. I just simply remember life being a lot easier and easier from that point on. So what are you up to?