Saturday, May 23, 2009

TB and the Mission call

After a long month of John trying to submit his mission papers, it finally happened. It seems that John picked up the Taberculosis germ before he left for BYU (probably at work) and tested possative during his physical. While it was not a threat to him, he could have a problem later on in life so he is on a 9 month treatment plan. He was cleared to serve a mission but only in the states due to ongoing TB treatment (antibiotics) and liver testing, as the treatment is hard on your liver. Via skype he open his call in his BYU dorm room with about 40 kids from home and his roommates

He is going to New Hampshire, Manchester Mission. It takes in all of Main, Vermont, New hampshite and the top of New York and the top of Mass. It is very ironic - the only thing that he complained about at BYU was the cold. BOY OH BOY he will face 40 below at his mission. He has become very converted to California while at BYU, this will really set that in stone.

John and two of his friends going on missions within a few weeks of him, after going through the temple for the first time. John is very lucky, he has about 20 of his close frinds out on missions right now.

While John was busy with school and trying to get his mission papers submitted we were all enjoying a week camping at the beach. Whit and Christa always allow me to take Mazur places with me(very good sports) and it just so happened this time on the first night he fell around the fire and got a third degree burn on his leg. The rest of the week I had to wrap it twice a day and start debreeing it three days into it. It took Uncle Michael to hold him down to remove the dead skin daily so it wouldn't become infected. Bad bad grandma!

Ah... Success for both Logan and Afton. Everybody likes the camp fire.

Mazur "enjoying" some uncle love at my 53rd birthday party...

Grandpa doing his thing, that seems to always work. Why do babies fight going to sleep? I love it!

June 28th @ 9:00 Cedar Building
Openhouse @7:00 at the Green's
June 27th @ 7:00 Peach & Nees
July 7th @ 7:00 Golden Corral
in Salt Lake City

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Memories from 2008

Me, Ashlee and Heidi doing Marine life inventory and the Back Bay Science center. Several of my kids helped me out at my job on a regular basis. After a year of being in charge of the Shark mobile Ashlee still has not made frinds with my sharks. Sad!

Newport Beach - Mazur, Marc, John and Neal

Grandma dumping Aunt Ashlee and Mazur off the tube, on accident of course. Aunt Ashlee is trying to talk him into another slower ride. He wouldn't have it!

John dodging rocks at Shaver and keeping everyone going on the wakeboard.

Michael getting air

Logan getting air

The Tatonka Indian dancers Logan, Mike & John

Logan's first fish

Mazur and Aunt Heidi enjoying the nature while camping.

Every year Ashlee and one of her best friends, Craig, put on a masguerade ball in October. It is a big thing and it is by invitation only. This year Ashlee, Michael and John all went. The the dracular theme was great fun for all of them especially Michael.

After 18 years, John traded his room at home for a BYU Provo dorm room. We miss him, he is a great communicater and I miss all the conversations. He hopes to be off on his mission by the end of summer so he can return in time for school to start. We are proud of you John!